The Chelsea Hanson Collection  - Messages of Comfort at Time of Loss  from Author Chelsea Hanson
The Perfect Sympathy Gift
 Popular in gift shops across the country, Chelsea's moving gift books are now available for you to offer to to your customers. These comforting words of hope and comfort will be loved by your customers.  
For easy gift giving, each gift book comes with an your satisfaction is guaranteed.  See for yourself why these gift books are so popular...send for your FREE sample today!
Order Risk Free...We Guarantee the Sale
We take great pride in offering products that have strong sales performance and that are regularly reordered.  
  • We are so confident that your customers will love these books that we offer a 90-day guaranteed sale for you to buy risk-free.
  • If at the end of 90 days, you are not happy with the line's performance, simply return the remaining books.  A full refund will be issued, no questions asked, no hassles!  We are good that way.
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Choose your favorite titles, which are listed in order of popularity:  Hello from Heaven, Forever in Your Heart, Merry Christmas from Heaven Above, Choose Hope and If Only I Knew.  
  • Your order ships within 1 week with a no back-order guarantee. 
  • First time orders require credit card payment, and terms can be established with credit references. 
  • Titles may be ordered in quantities of 12.  Display units are available.
Call us today at 920-465-1224 and add these lovely books to your gift selection.  You and your customers will be glad you did!
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