The Chelsea Hanson Collection  - Messages of Comfort at Time of Loss  from Author Chelsea Hanson
"Chelsea's books are truly inspirational.  When my 1-year old daughter passed away I wasn't sure how I was going to get through another day.  Then when I read Chelsea's book, Forever In My Heart, I knew that I could do it because my daughter would want me to.  I now look at the stars and rainbows differently.  I know that my daughter is always with me because our loves never ends.  I am grateful to Chelsea for sharing her remembrance books with me and for our friendship."   
- Lori Smith, WI
"I love your heart-felt books. They make a perfect gift for someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. When there's nothing anyone can say to "make it better" the words in your books do help."
- Trish Poole, WI
"Our families really appreciate the comforting words that come at just the right time. The books have further enhanced the support we give and have been a positive addition to our aftercare program.  All of our families receive the books , both at time of loss and the one-year anniversary."
 -  Proko Wall Funeral Home, WI
"I had never seen anything like this before - the books are so beautiful and I treasure them.  I turn to them time and again when I need to feel better.  When I lost my husband, the books were very comforting and meaningful to me.   Now, I give the books to others as a keepsake to provide them the same comfort."
- Nancy  Lawlor, WI
"It's like heaven in my back pocket. - LaVon Glodowski, WI
"My grandmother and dad loved your books.  My dad was speechless.  The books are so beautiful and so comforting.  I truly believe they will find peace and hope in your beautiful poetry."
- Angel Charapata, WI
"I liked the books so much that I purchased more for my family and friends.  I found the messages to be very comforting and that lifted my spirits. I felt like my loved one was talking with me and is now in a better place."
- Mary Franz, WI
"When I read the book, Hello from Heaven, I thought it was amazing, I purchased 10 of them for the family and they all loved them." 
- Debbie Creamean,WI
"Your books have been very important to me.”
  - Doris Porter, IA
“Thank your for such a beautiful book (Hello from Heaven). 
Bless you for all the good you have done."
        - Sylvia Aranda, WI
"I just wanted to let you know again how much I appreciate the book (Hello from Heaven.)  You are a wonderful writer."
        - Denise O' Conner
"Thank you for writing such a beautiful letter (book).  My husband died on April 8, 2010, and a neighbor gave us your book (Hello from Heaven) on the day of his service.  It was (and is) very comforting."
- Mary Shuller - WI
"Your words are beautiful and most comforting."
- Ann
I lost my husband and mother passed away earlier this year. 
Thanks for such a wonderful book" 
P. Jones - Ohio
"I love the book Hello from Heaven.  I want to share it with others."
- Karen
Tiffany Marcelles - WI

"What a wonderful little memento for funeral homes to do so much more to build up relationships with their clients."
Paula Greene - IL


"Writing a meaningful sympathy note is one of the hardest things to do. I have found the words written in Hello from Heaven and Forever in My Heart to be very benefical to those grieving.
When I give these wonderful booklets, I know the recipient will be comforted and also understand my heartfelt sympathy. My husband's aunt recently told me that Hello from Heaven was the most meaningful gift that she received at her spouse's funeral.  I was glad that my gift had such a powerful impact on her."
- Denise Roman - WI
 "In the nursing home, Merry Christmas from Heaven Above, was read to my husband, when his mother was near death.  It touched us so much and was a blessing.  At the funeral service of his mother, the minister read Hello from Heaven and then he ended the service with Merry Christmas from Heaven Above.  The words were just right for the family and our friends, and so many people loved the messages.   You are touching so many lives."
Loretta & David Schrake - Ohio
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