The Chelsea Hanson Collection  - Messages of Comfort at Time of Loss  from Author Chelsea Hanson
Dear Friend,                                       
My name is Chelsea and my mission is to help those who are grieving to have the support and comfort they need.  Having experienced grief myself, I know how difficult it is, and I know how hard it is for others to help.   
When my mother, Donna, passed away right before Christmas in 1996, I knew my life and the holidays would never be the same.  To deal with my grief, I wrote a poem, Hello from Heaven to express what I thought my mom would want to say to us after she arrived in heaven. 
Over time, I would enclose the poem in sympathy gifts for others.  The response was overwhelmingly positive, and after many requests,  I decided to publicly share this sympathy message, so I published my first gift book, Hello from Heaven.  
Support for a Grieving Heart
As time passed, I continued to recognize the need for support at time of loss.  Thus, I was inspired to create more gift books to comfort others in their time of need including the following...
Forever in My Heart
Merry Christmas from Above
If Only I Knew 
Choose Hope
These gift books have comforted people across the country and are used by grief support groups as well as hospice and funeral home professionals...and now you can provide the same universal words of hope and comfort to others you care about.  
                                                Wishing You Comfort,             
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