The Chelsea Hanson Collection  - Messages of Comfort at Time of Loss  from Author Chelsea Hanson
At Time of Loss
Express Your Sympathy with a Caring Gift 
                      When you don't know what to say
                           let my caring words say it for you.
When you don't know what to do to help
let my comforting words do it for you.
Give a Sympathy Gift that Will be Cherished 
"I love your heart-felt books. They make a perfect gift for someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. When there's nothing anyone can say to "make it better" the words in your books do help."      
                    Trish Poole, WI
"The perfect gift for someone who is grieving.  So meaningful and soothing, it is a gift that will be loved and cherished, and can be turned to again and again for support."  
               LaVon Glodowski, WI
      A Gift that Will be Turned to Time Again
When you don't know what to do or say, let the comforting messages in my gift books express your sympathy for you.  Your support and thoughtfulness will always be remembered by recipient.  
If you are personally grieving a loss, let my supportive messages help you and remind you that your loved one is always with you, loving you and guiding you.
         A Gift from Someone Who Understands 
Chelsea Hanson has the special gift of finding the right words when it is needed most.  Having experienced loss and transcended grief herself, Chelsea provides a sense of comfort and understanding to help you or someone you love.  Her reassuring words provide hope that you too will be able to journey through grief and find a new appreciation of life. 
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